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I’m a meditation teacher, wife and the mother of two boys. I’ve also been a kindergarten educator for the Halton Board since 2014. My true passion is outside the school and involves coaching woman to better understand themselves, live a life with more peace, and a life that they desire and deserve. I have found through implementing various practices, daily habits and learning specific skills, we can begin to heal from the painful parts of our pasts and challenges we are faced with daily and we can do it feeling less stressed and with more peace.

My Story…

For most of my 20's I struggled with low self worth, body image, anxiety and negative thoughts. In 2017 I had separated from my son’s father and I wanted to feel more peace and find happiness within. That is when I found meditation and journaling. Those two practices are where I began healing.

From there I began listening to podcasts and reading different self development books. I started to notice a huge shift within myself and how I was feeling. I have continued to take workshops and classes that push me towards being the best version of myself.

In 2019 my sons father passed away. This has been the biggest challenge to navigate but the tools I had been developing are what got me through this tragic event in my life. This difficult time in my life forced me to grow and is where I learned to have compassion for myself and for others.

In 2020 my brother passed away, at this time I still felt I was dealing with the loss of my son's father and I wasn't sure how I would make it through this but I’ve always came back to these tools to help cope with difficult emotions.

We all face difficult times in our life but they do not have to harden us, and stop us from living a life of joy, a life we deserve.

My passion and purpose is to help others recognize that they can do the same. It is work and it is an ongoing journey but it is worth it and so are YOU!


Healing and growth happens by showing up for ourselves , through daily practices, choosing vulnerability and learning to follow our intuition. We can heal from the painful parts of our past, the difficult experiences we are faced with and live a life that we are truly aligned with.


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