Monthly Journaling Love Club

Journal, Write & Transform your Life

Monthly journaling sessions & LIVE guided meditation

Cozy up with a glass of wine, a cup of hot tea or whatever you enjoy,

Grab your journal & join me monthly for an evening of reflection.

Create lasting change through writing, reflection and connection with others.

The Journal Love Club is for anyone wanting to

  • Gain clarity on various areas within your life

  • Develop a deeper connection to self & gain inner peace

  • Identify areas within your life you would like to improve

  • Create a more peaceful & joyful life

  • Better understand your thoughts & emotions

UPCOMING Journal Love Club will Begin Thursday Febraury. 16 /2022

@ 7:30pm

Why Join the Journal Love Club?

This monthly class is for anyone who would like to establish a habit of journaling and experience the benefits it has to offer. It is the perfect place to get started however if you already have a journaling practice it is a place to come together each month to centre yourself and make yourself a priority. The journaling club is a safe space to meet monthly and develop a greater sense of self love and gain clarity within difference areas of your life.

What to Expect at the Journal Love Club

  • Each month there will be short discussion around a specific topic/theme

  • Journaling prompts & reflection exercises around monthly topic

  • Create intentions & personal affirmations to focus on throughout the month

  • LIVE Guided meditation

The Journal Love Club Upcoming Date & Monthly Focus:

February 16 ,2023 Journal Topic: Forgiveness

“ In 2017 when I consistently began journaling ….

I noticed a huge shift in how I felt and I gained awareness of my thoughts, feelings and behaviours”

More Details

Where will we meet? Journaling Love Club will happen online Via Zoom, a link will be sent out the morning of the class

How much does it cost? $22 per class

What do I need? A journal & writing materials

How do I sign up? Email me at

*Payments can be made by e-transfer to


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