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For most of my 20's I struggled with low self worth, body image, anxiety and negative thoughts. I have really struggled to love myself in all areas, I was anxious, overwhelmed and lived in a very negative headspace. I looked to blame others for my unhappiness and dissatisfaction. I tried to control every aspect of my life and learned quickly that it only left me feeling disappointed. It wasn’t until I started looking within myself that my life began to change. I began asking myself questions and uncovering the areas within myself that I needed to heal. Taking the time to better understand why I reacted in the ways I did and looking at the patterns I had picked up from the experiences in my life. I realized that I had the power within myself to change my life through slowing down and making myself a priority each day. In 2017 I began consistently taking time for myself. I started searching for ways I could better my life and that is when I found meditation and journaling. These two practices are where I began healing.

From there I began listening to podcasts, taking courses and reading different self development books. I noticed a huge shift within myself and how I was feeling.

In 2019 my son's father died and 1 year later my brother as well. Navigating through these losses has been the biggest challenge for me but the tools & practices I have developed are what continue to guide me through my healing. These losses taught me so much about myself and have pushed me to grow in ways I didn’t think possible. The biggest thing they have taught me is compassion- for myself and others.

It is from these difficult times in my life and these experiences that I discovered I had a passion to help other women struggling to find peace & healing within their own lives. I believe we all have a purpose and have the power to heal ourselves so that we can become who we are truly meant to be. We just need to quiet our minds in order to hear what is needed

Sending you love


Credentials / Training

  • Early Childhood Diploma - Niagara College;

  • NLP training (neurolinguistic programming) - The Empowerment Partnership

  • Meditation Facilitator training - Natural Healers

  • Build Your Passion Program - Shawna Thibodeau

  • The Journey Pause, Breathwork - Samantha Skelly

  • Transformation Life Coach Certification - Transformation Academy

  • Develop Your Intuition - Michael Hetherington


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